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Propane & Propane Appliances


Hunter Oil & Propane, Inc. offers propane gas for residential, commercial, agriculture and other gas applications.

"Propane is one of the cleanest fossil fuels and an approved clean fuel designated by the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and 2005."
  • Installation of Propane Gas
  • Installation of Any Gas Appliance for Propane Gas
  • Service for Any Gas Appliance
  • Scheduled Delivery Service
  • Automatic Keep Full Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Propane Budget Plan
    (Equalized Payments from August - May.)
  • Automatic Draft Plan
  • Mastercard, Visa or Discover
  • Checks, Money Orders and Cash

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We also have a propane cylinder filling station to fill your empty cylinders of any size from 20lb up to 100lb.

And... If you want to stop lugging around that cylinder, we can professionally install one or more exterior LP gas outlet boxes from Marshall-Excelsior shown further down on this page.

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Forklift Cylinder Exchange Service

Hunter Oil & Propane, Inc. can help reduce the headaches of keeping your forklifts fueled-up and ready to go with our Forklift Cylinder Exchange Service.

Save Time and Money
  • Eliminate Travel Time
  • Eliminate Cost of Purchasing Cylinders
  • Reduce Cost of Maintenance
  • Reduce Insurance Liability with No On-site Transfers
Increase Safety
  • No Off-site Transportation of Product
  • No On-site Transfers
  • No Risk of Over-Filling
  • No Risk of Employees Being Hurt While Filling or Transporting Cylinders

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Propane Tanks

Hunter Oil & Propane, Inc. offers sales, service and professional installation of both Above Ground and Underground propane tanks for your home or business.

Residential or Business Applications
  • Heating Systems
  • Gas Logs and Propane Fireplaces (Ask About Our Lease Packets for Fireplaces)
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Equipment for Agriculture

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Propane Appliances

We offer sales, service and professional installation of a full line of propane appliances including Heatmaster, Real Fyre and Procom vented and vent-free gas logs, Heatmaster fireboxes, Rinnai (Special Pricing Available) tankless hot water heaters, and much, much more!

Vent-Free Gas Logs

Amber Glo
Amber Glo
Cape Fear Oak
Cape Fear Oak

Regular Oak - HM2
Regular Oak - HM2

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Vented and Vent-Free Fireboxes

HVF-36 Firebox
HVF-BM-42 Firebox

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Tankless Water Heaters

ATTENTION: Special Rebates Possible and Special Retail Price By Mentioning This Website. Call 919-775-5651 today and let us know that you found this Rinnai Offer on our website to qualify for Special Pricing.

The Rinnai 75LS Internal Tankless Water Heater
R75LSI - 7.5 Gal/Min (Int)

The Rinnai 75LS External Tankless Water Heater
R75LSE - 7.5 Gal/Min (Ext)

  Contemporary Design

Experience a never-ending supply of fresh hot water – and a sleek, sculpted water heater design that reflects the innovative technology within. Introducing the Rinnai LS Series, a whole new line of tankless water heaters that afford you the very best of both form and function. With their attractive silver finish, Rinnai LS Series units are available in interior and exterior models, giving you virtually unlimited flexibility to install your unit wherever you choose.

Perfect for Any Home

The remarkable combination of design and performance makes the LS Series the perfect choice. Whether you’re building a spacious new home – complete with luxurious spa bath and body spray system – or remodeling your older home, Rinnai LS units can be used individually, in pairs, or in banks of three or more to supply all your hot water needs.

LS Series interior-mount units can be placed in any room – no need to hide them in closets or utility rooms – and vent directly to the outside. Exterior units require no additional venting and can even be installed in a recessed enclosure, then painted or textured to match the exterior of your home for a clean, inconspicuous appearance.

Improved Performance and Longevity

Whichever LS unit you choose, you get the benefit of a newly designed, commercial-grade heat exchanger for optimum durability. In fact, the same LS unit can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Homeowners get the reliability of commercial-grade construction and an industry-leading, 12-year limited warranty, and commercial customers get lower cost and wider availability of units.

The Rinnai 94LS Internal Tankless Water Heater
R94LSI - 9.4 Gal/Min (Int)
  Why Rinnai tankless water heaters?

  • Consistant hot water supply.
  • Significant space savings over conventional tank water heaters.
  • Capacity to provide continuous hot water simultaneously to multiple plumbing and appliance demands.
  • Significant energy savings and efficiency.
  • Maintains efficiency for the life of the water heater.
  • Consistent safe temperature regulation.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation options.
  • Cleaner more sanitary hot water supply.
  • Reduced risk of flooding compared to traditional tank water heater failure.
  • Lasts up to 20 years.

The Rinnai 94LS External Tankless Water Heater
R94LSE - 9.4 Gal/Min (Ext)
  Flexible Installations

Compact in design, Rinnai tankless water heaters can be installed virtually anywhere inside or outside the home. A traditional hot water tank requires 12-16 square feet of valuable floor space while Rinnai's tankless system is wall mountable.

  • When the Rinnai tankless water heater is installed on an exterior wall, it requires no additional venting accessories.
  • For indoor installations, the Rinnai exhausts air through a 3" pipe within the center of a 5" concentric air intake pipe.
  • This Rinnai advantage results in only one wall or roof penetration and it uses no indoor make-up air.

ATTENTION: Special Rebates Possible and Special Retail Price By Mentioning This Website. Call 919-775-5651 today and let us know that you found this Rinnai Offer on our website to qualify for Special Pricing.

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Exterior LP Gas Outlet Boxes

Utilizes standard LP Gas outdoor appliance regulator and connector. Both models provide full capacity operation at 10 PSI or higher inlet pressures for all outdoor appliances without modification or the hassles of a 20 LB cylinder. Simply thread the Type 1 QCC or POL connector onto the MEC Gas Box, turn on the shutoff valve and enjoy continuous LP Gas flow.


  • Universal 1-5/16" M.Acme/F.POL Outlet Connection
  • Universal 1/2" FNPT Inlet Connection
  • Primary Shutoff Valve for Each Outlet Connection
  • Secondary Safety Shutoff Poppet at Each Outlet for Zero Discharge at Disconnect
  • For Use with 0-250 PSI Inlet Pressure
  • Universal Mounting Hardware
  • Hinged Cover with Latching Mechanism
  • Weather Resistant High Density Polyethylene Case
  • Single or Dual Outlet Models

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